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All you need are dies and shell plates to start loading with your AP™!

Photo of Quick Change Bushing System

Quick Change Lock-N-Load® Bushing System

Lock-N-Load® AP™ has a 5-station quick change bushing system that allows quick and easy change overs from 223 to 45 in less than 5 minutes.

Photo of Quick Change Metering Inserts

Quick Change Metering Inserts

The Lock-N-Load® powder measure uses quick change metering inserts that allow you to switch from one powder to another with the push of a button. Add one to each die set for the ultimate in quick change overs.

Photo of Reliable EZject™ System

Reliable EZject™ System

The EZject™ feature delivers 100% reliable ejection of every cartridge, every time, without any adjustments.

Photo of Universal Case Retainer Spring

Universal Case Retainer Spring

The ingenious case retainer spring allows you to quickly and easily remove or insert a case at any point in the loading process.

Photo of Priming System

Priming System

The Lock-N-Load® AP™ System can be changed from large to small primers as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Change the primer seater punch.
  2. Change the primer shuttle.
  3. Change the primer feed tube.
Photo of Case Activated Powder Drop

Case Activated Powder Drop

Case activated powder drop will dispense a powder charge only when a cartridge case is present.

Photo of Automatic Indexing

Automatic Indexing

Each station moves half a stage on the down stroke and half on the up stroke, making for ultra smooth functioning. This process is much smoother than presses that do all their indexing on the down stroke.

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Get the Kit

Photo of Lock-N-Load® Ammo Plant Kit

Lock-N-Load® Ammo Plant

Item #095160

Turn your progressive press into a bench mounted ammo factory! This kit represents the ultimate reloading setup for maximum production in shorter sessions.

Qualifying Product

The Lock-N-Load® Ammo Plant™ includes the following:

AP Press Accessories

Photo of Lock-N-Load® AP™ Deluxe Springfieldent Primer Catcher

AP Deluxe Primer Catcher

Item #050099

The AP Deluxe Primer Catcher fits the Lock-N-Load® AP press. Decapped primers drop into the tube and travel to the bottle, where they can be collected for future disposal.

Photo of Universal Accessory Bin and Bracket

Universal Accessory Bin and Bracket

Item #399692

The swiveling base of this cartridge bin bracket allows for adaptability on the Lock-N-Load® AP and Classic Presses. Use it to conveniently store finished rounds.

Photo of AP Powder Funnel Die

AP Powder Funnel Die

Item #095360

For ultra precision on the Lock-N-Load® AP press, this die allows handloaders to trickle and weigh each individual powder charge and cleaning drop the charge into the cartridge case.

Photo of AP<sup>™</sup> Tool Caddy

AP Tool Caddy

Item #095140

Improve efficiency and convenience by storing frequently used tools directly on your AP press. Install the bracket and caddy on either side of the press and rotate to the desired position. Then, insert supplied tools, including three combination wrenches, four hex wrenches, needle nose pliers, and a Hornady Deluxe Die Wrench for quick access and efficient organization.

Photo of Primer Feed System

AP Primer Feed System

Item #95210


Photo of  Case Feeder EZ-JECT Conversion Kit

AP Case Feeder & EZ-JECT Conversion Kit

Item #398309


Photo of Large Capacity Cartridge Catcher

Large Capacity Cartridge Catcher

A large capacity catcher comes standard with the Lock-N-Load® AP press and is also sold separately. An extra large capacity catcher is available as an option.

Extra Large Capacity Catcher Item #480038

Photo of Lock-N-Load System

How Lock-N-Load® Works

The Hornady® Lock-N-Load® System is as Easy as 1-2-3
Insert the Lock-N-Load® die bushing into the press bushing and lock it into place with a twist. The six locking lugs on the die and press bushings will hold it securely in position.
Insert your standard die with 7/8"-14 threads into the Lock-N-Load® bushing.
Adjust the die to the proper position and lock your setting into the place with Hornady's unique Sure-Loc lock ring.

To change calibers, simply twist the die counterclockwise, remove die and insert your next preset Lock-N-Load® die and bushing. Because they remain locked in their Lock-N-Load® bushings, your dies will remain exactly as you set them. The positive locking action of the Lock-N-Load® bushings holds the dies in rock solid, perfect alignment.

Once you try Lock-N-Load® from Hornady®, you'll NEVER want to go back to your old system!

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