Hornady Security App

Get the most out of your RAPiD® Safe Ready Vault

Derived from extensive testing by Hornady Manufacturing Company, the Hornady Security app allows users to monitor the lock and unlock status of their RAPiD® Safe Ready Vault. This app utilizes Bluetooth technology as well as WiFi and offers a detailed activity log for users to reference at any time to evaluate the date and time their safe was locked or unlocked.

Product Features


  1. Download the Hornady Security App using Google Play Store or Apple Store.
  2. After installing, open the Hornady Security App on your device and login using either your existing credentials (same email and password as other Hornady apps) or if this is your first Hornady app, select “SIGN UP” to setup a new account.
  3. Make sure your Ready Vault is plugged into a wall outlet as the WiFi feature only works while plugged in. Refer to the Ready Vault user manual for information on powering your safe.
  4. It is a good practice to reset the Ready Vault back to factory settings by pressing and releasing the reset button inside the safe. The button is located on the back of the door near the bottom hinge-side corner.
  5. Return to the app and select the “+” icon to add a Ready Vault in the app. You may need to grant permissions based on your device settings.
  6. All Ready Vaults in the immediate area (up to 20 feet) should show up in the app. To setup the safe on your local network, select the safe by pressing on the gray icon.
  7. Enter the WiFi network name and Password, then select CONNECT to allow the safe to connect to your network. This step in the process may take a couple minutes.
  8. If properly connected to the WiFi network, the gray icon will change to an “unlocked” or “locked” icon.
    It will also begin archiving the following alerts on the notification page.
    • Unlocked to Locked
    • Locked to Unlocked
    • Ready Vault Added
    • Ready Vault Reset to factory settings
  9. While the notification page will show status changes in the app, in order to receive push notifications to a portable device, the “Receive push notifications” must be toggled on. This can be found on the profile page.
  10. The name of the safe can be changed by selecting the pencil icon next to the safe name, entering a new name, and pressing SAVE.


  • Safe will not connect to portable device during setup.
  • Make sure the Bluetooth on your portable device is on.
  • Make sure the safe is plugged into a wall outlet. This can be tested by removing the batteries from the safe and confirming the keypad and RFID functions are working without the batteries installed.
  • Confirm the safe is reset to factory settings before starting the setup process by pressing the reset button inside the safe. Safe will not connect to WiFi network.
  • Verify the proper name and password are entered. Both names and passwords are often case sensitive and must be entered precisely.
  • Confirm other devices (like your phone) are able to connect to the network when placed in the same location as the safe.

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