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Hornady continues to raise the bar for muzzleloading performance. Whether you shoot the Lock-N-Load® Speed Sabot or the more traditional round ball or lead bullets, all Hornady muzzleloading products provide exceptional accuracy and the terminal performance that hunters continue to rely on season after season.

The manufacturing processes at Hornady ensure extreme precision, uniformity and accuracy. Hunters everywhere are discovering that by using Hornady muzzleloading projectiles, centerfire accuracy can now be obtained from their muzzleloading rifles.

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FPB<sup>®</sup> Muzzleloading

FPB® Muzzleloading

A specially engineered profile requires no lube and a mere 25 pounds of loading force, making the FPB® one of the easiest loading muzzleloader projectiles on the market.

Great Plains

Great Plains

Pre-lubricated for easy loading, the tapered base lets you start the bullet easily.

Hard Balls

Hard Balls

Created with the same exacting precision as our cold swaged Round Balls and made tougher by using a lead alloy hardened with antimony.

MonoFlex<sup>®</sup> ML™

MonoFlex® ML™

A nontraditional / alternative metal construction bullet option that is a fantastic choice for ALL hunters.

PA Conical

PA Conical

This heavier conical style 50 caliber bullet has about 35% more weight than a typical lead round ball.

Round Balls

Round Balls

Completely uniform in size, weight, and roundness, Hornady® Round Balls deliver consistent and accurate performance.

SST<sup>®</sup> ML™


A phenomenal muzzleloading option and an excellent choice for long range blackpowder hunters.

XTP<sup>®</sup> Muzzleloading

XTP® Muzzleloading

If you have a more traditional muzzleloader, you can get a huge boost in performance with our Hornady® green sabots.

Product Accessories

Complimenting the excellent Hornady line-up of muzzleloading bullets and sabots is an extensive line of muzzleloading accessories. Hornady produces accessories that will help muzzleloader hunters and shooters prepare for that one shot – perhaps THE shot that will put this season’s brute on the wall and in the freezer.

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