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Rotary Case Tumbler

Clean and polish brass cartridge cases to a brilliant shine with the rotary action of this tumbler, coupled with its steel pin tumbling media (included). Use in conjunction with Hornady® One Shot® Cartridge Case Solution.

Six-liter drum holds 5 pounds of brass cases. Set tumbler to run for up to eight hours in half-hour increments using the digital timer.

110V Item #050220

220V Item #050221

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For best results, use One Shot® Cartridge Case Solution!

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Rotary Media Sifter

Item #050207

Quickly separate brass cartridge cases from tumbling media with the Rotary Media Sifter. With a few turns of the handle, media falls to the bottom of the sifter, leaving cases clean and ready to use.


  • Use with corn cob or steel pin tumbling media.
  • Sifter drum locks into place for easy loading.
  • Clear polycarbonate lid allows user easy monitoring of progress.

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M-1 Case Tumbler

Add to the quality of your reloaded ammunition by using the M-1 Case Tumbler to clean and polish large quantities of cases quickly and efficiently.

Coupled with Hornady® Tumbling Media, the cyclonic and vibratory action of the Tumbler cleans brass to a brilliant shine. Use the included sifter to separate the polished brass from the media. Running time varies based on the condition of the cases and degree of cleanliness desired.

Holds up to (400) .38 Special cases, (180) 30-06 cases, or the equivalent of other like-sized cases.

110V Item #050202

220V Item #050204

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Photo of Steel Pin Media

Steel Pin Media

Item #050220

Stainless-steel pins fit into hard-to- reach primer pockets, making them ideal for cleaning cartridge cases of all sizes inside and out. Magnetic pins are easy to separate from casings, ideal for rotary tumbling.

Photo of One Shot Tumbling Media

One Shot® Tumbling Media

Item #050303

This abrasive media, made of ground corn cob, removes tarnish and other residue from cartridge cases. Use with One Shot® Metal Polish for a shiny, like-new finish.

Photo of One Shot Metal Polish

One Shot® Metal Polish

Item #9993

For use with Hornady Tumbling Media, this water-based, bio-degradable product cleans, polishes, and protects all metals except aluminum. (Non-hazardous)