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Photo of Quick Change Hand Tool

Lock-N-Load® Quick Change Hand Tool

Item #050097

The ergonomic Lock-N-Load® Quick Change Hand Tool features a dual-sided chuck that allows for the quick changeover of popular case preparation tools like chamfer, deburr, primer pocket reamers and cleaners, brushes or other tools with 8-32 threads.


  • Dual-sided chuck allows quick changeover from one tool to the next
  • Ergonomic design to reduce hand/finger fatigue during case preparation
  • Can be used with chamfer tools, primer pocket reamers and cleaners, brushes, or any tool with 8-32 threads

Includes: 3 dual-sided chucks; chamfer/deburr tools; large and small primer pocket cleaners; and neck brushes for the following calibers: 22 cal, 25 cal/6mm, 270 cal/7mm, 30 cal, 35 cal/9mm and 45 cal.

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Photo of Chamfer/Deburr Tool

Deluxe 4-Blade Chamfer/Deburr Tool

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Prepares new cases for reloading by chamfering the inside edge and deburring the outside edge.

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50 Cal. Deburr Tool

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Extra large diameter. Precision ground and made from all tool steel. The ultimate in 50 cal. accessories.

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Photo of Universal Handle

Universal Handle

Item #190260

Fits all our case-neck brushes, and large and small primer pocket cleaning heads.

alt='Photo of Lock-N-Load® Attachment Adapter'

Lock-N-Load® Attachment Adapter

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Use with your power drill for your case prep needs.

Photo of Primer Pocket Reamer

Primer Pocket Reamer

Item #041210

Primer Pocket Reamer Package makes crimped, primed cases reloadable by cutting away the crimp. Complete with handle, large and small cutter heads. Also fits on Power Case Prep Center and Case Prep Trio. (Extra reamer heads sold separately.)

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