Product Features

Maximizes production where bench space is limited. Cam locks keep the plate stable during use but allow for quick release to change out plates during press or reloading processes.

Mounting hole configurations fit a variety of presses and reloading tools.

Compatible Tools & Equipment

  • Lock-N-Load® AP
  • Lock-N-Load® Iron Press
  • Lock-N-Load® Classic
  • 50 BMG
  • 366 Auto Shotgun Press
  • Lock-N-Load® Bullet Feeders
  • Cam Lock Trimmer
  • Lock-N-Load® Concentricity Tool
  • Neck Turning Tool

Quick Detach Mounting Plate System | Item #399697
Quick Detach Mounting Plate Only | Item #399698

Reloading Handbook

Hornady® 10th Edition Handbook of Cartridge Reloading

An invaluable resource for your bench, with over 900 pages representing data of all Hornady bullets. Each cartridge features applicable Hornady bullets along with velocity/powder charts for easy reference. Purchase your copy and get reloading results.

eBook Editions

Download the Reloading Handbook from iTunes or Amazon. Take it with you anywhere!

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