App Features

Hundreds of Calibers

More than 200 calibers with a variety of loads featuring Hornady bullets, such as the A-Tip® Match, ELD-X® and ELD® Match line.

Easy-to-use Velocity and Powder Charts

Velocity and powder charts included with each cartridge for easy reference. You’ll find an impressive lineup of powders including Power Pro 2000 MR; IMR 4451 and 7977; CFE Pistol; BE-86; Reloader 23, 26, 33 and 50; Accurate LT-30 and 32; and some offerings from Shooters World. Popular established powders like Reloader 17, Superformance® and LeverEvolution® have also been expanded to more cartridges.

Historical Information

Details on the history of numerous cartridges.

Bullet Selection Help

Information on bullet design and shooting application to help with selection.

Range Logs and Favorites

The ability to save information from the range and favorites within the app.

Invaluable Information FREE with each Download

Included with the free download are hundreds of pages of reloading information including rifle and handgun bullet guides, the basics of reloading, tips and techniques plus limited free data on our newer cartridge releases such as the 6mm Creedmoor, 224 Valkyrie, 300 PRC and more.

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Payment Options

The app is free to download and explore, you pay only for the information you want and need!

Reloading information is available in three ways:

À la carte

Buy just the cartridges you need for 99¢ each.

Entire handbook

Purchase the entire 11th edition in app form for $19.99.


Pay $19.99/year* for access to the full 11th Edition data, plus new data we develop for the 12th Edition. You’ll receive App notifications of the new data as we develop it.

*$19.99/yr subscriptions for international subscribers (outside the US and Canada) is coming soon.

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