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What do I need to get replacement keys for my Hornady Safe or SnapSafe (or maybe we have two different ones?)

Please give us a call at 1.800.338.3220, but please have the following information before you call.

  • Key # (can be found on the lock mechanism or your key)
  • Proof of purchase (if you don’t have this, your photo ID will work)
  • Serial # on the item

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Why does my case mouth bottom out on the bullet comparator when comparing Base to Ogive?

Answer: The new Hornady Bullet Comparators were designed to optimize comparisons between the base to ogive of bullets. We did design it so that it can also compare base to ogive of cartridges, but do to the large array of different cartridges we were not able to optimize the design to work with all cartridge base to ogive measurements. As a... Continue Reading

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How do I find what I'm looking for on the Hornady website?

You can search for items in a variety of ways using the search function in the upper right-hand corner of the website. Click on the icon shaped like a magnifying glass and then type in the search box that appears.

Search using the item number (e.g. 8204). Search by keyword, such as the name of the product – Superformance for... Continue Reading

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Why aren't there more bullets in the Hornady 4DOF database?

Hornady technicians will continue to add Hornady projectiles and other bullet brands to the database. Testing is time-consuming, but rest assured, there will be more projectiles added to the library.

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How do I program my RAPiD Safe wristband to my RAPiD Safe?

The RFID chip in the wristband is located inside the buckle of the bracelet. Locate the red program button on the RAPiD Safe. Press and release the button to begin programming the wristband. The first available program location will begin to blink. Hold the wristband buckle within 1” of the illuminated RFID reader area on the top of... Continue Reading

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How do I teach children about firearm safety?

Please click here to reference a video produced by the National Shooting Sports Foundation and Project Child Safe. This video features U.S. Army veteran, shooting sports champion, hunter and mother Julie Golob and visits many different ways to discuss firearm safety with children and young adults. 

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What devices can I view the e-book on?

For the iTunes (Apple) iBook, it is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac computers running the iBook App.

The Kindle version is best viewed on Kindle readers and tablet-size screens running the Kindle App, like Android tablets. The Kindle App does not allow zooming on fixed-size books. So, while it can be downloaded to... Continue Reading

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Where can I purchase the Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading as an e-book?

It is currently available in the iTunes Bookstore for Apple products (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Mac) and on Amazon.com's Kindle Book Store for Kindle readers and Android tablets running the Kindle App.

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How do I properly dispose of my Sonic Clean™ solution?

As supplied, this product is completely biodegradable and not hazardous waste as defined by the EPA Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).

As with many other household cleaning products, it's possible that contamination by certain chemicals might cause the solution to be considered "hazardous" for disposal purposes. Since... Continue Reading

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Is Hornady® One Shot® Sonic Clean™ Gun Parts Formula Pine Sol®?

No, Hornady® One Shot® Sonic Clean™ Gun Parts Formula is not Pine Sol®. Please refer to our Safety Data Sheet and compare it to the ingredient list for Pine Sol®. Although the Safety Data Sheet only lists ingredients that are deemed to be potentially hazardous per OSHA regulations, you will see that the... Continue Reading

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