New Reloading

Photo of Magnum Digital Vibratory Tumbler

Magnum Digital Vibratory Tumbler

Clean and polish large quantities of brass to a brilliant finish before loading, eliminating abrasive foreign particles that can scratch the inside of your dies. Brass cases cleaned with vibratory action enhances the smooth function of reloading presses and dies and makes finished reloads look like new.

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Photo of Digital Cases & Parts Dryer

Digital Cases and Parts Dryer

Dry hundreds of cartridge cases — as well as small and large gun parts — at the same time with the revolutionary Digital Cases & Parts Dryer. With an innovative top-mounted digital powerhead, cartridge cases and gun parts dry thoroughly and can be positioned on multiple levels for increased capacity. Four fixed trays hold cases and small parts while a fifth, adjustable tray holds larger gun parts. The unit’s tall lid makes accommodating larger parts even easier.

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Photo of Hornady® Cartridge Cases

Hornady® Cartridge Cases

Over a dozen new brass cartridge cases are in store from 224 Valkyrie up to 375 Nitro Express, along with bulk packs of existing popular cases.

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