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Can I purchase Hornady products online?

While all of our products are listed online for informational purposes, only apparel and promotional items are available for direct purchase.

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What are the details of the ammunition warranty?

All Hornady ammunition is warranted against material and workmanship defects. If the ammunition is found to be defective due to material or workmanship, Hornady will replace the defective ammunition at no charge to the customer.All ammunition warranty claims are handled on a case-by-case basis. In order to initiate a claim, please contact our... Continue Reading

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What are the details of the reloading tools warranty?

All Hornady reloading tools and accessories are warranted against material defects and workmanship for the life of the product. Simply stated, if it breaks, we’ll repair it or replace it at no charge (at Hornady Manufacturing Company’s option).

Hornady reloading tools and accessories are warranted against defective... Continue Reading

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Where do I find information about warranty and warranty registration?

For warranty registration of eligible tools, please see the warranty registration page. Eligible tools include 00-7, 105 and 155 reloading presses; 366 Auto Shotshell Reloading Press; 50 BMG bullet feeder, case feeder, case tumbler, dies and die sets; Lock-N-Load® Ammo Plant; Lock-N-Load® AP Press; Lock-N-Load®... Continue Reading

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How do I assemble the RAPiD® Safe display box?

Please visit Hornady's YouTube page and watch the Hornady RAPiD Safe Assembly video.

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How do I set up and mount RAPiD® Safe?

Please see our First Use Instructions and User Manual, then also view the following Securing and Mounting Video. If further help is needed, please contact our customer service techs at... Continue Reading

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Can I buy replacement parts for my dies and loaders online?

We do not include replacement parts in our online store listings. Please place your order via our toll-free telephone number: 800-338-3220. We cannot guarantee the availability of parts for discontinued reloaders and dies. However, we do have many parts available for older models, and our operator can tell you whether the particular part you need is available.

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Where can I buy Hornady products?

Find your nearest retailer and contact them. If they don't have our products, ask them to order them for you. Otherwise, we suggest you contact one of the national retailers.

Find a retailer near me

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How can I get a hold of Hornady products, which are scarce in my neck of the woods?

The current political climate has caused extremely high demand on all shooting industry products, including ours. Empty retail shelves, long back orders and exaggerated price increases on online auction sites – all fueled by rumors and conjecture – have amplified concerns about the availability of ammunition and firearms-related... Continue Reading

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Why does load data listed in various manufacturers' loading manuals differ when loading the same cartridge?

The size of the specific firearm chamber, throat dimensions, seating depth, bullet profile, propellant variances and crimping depth can all contribute to variations in load data. The data found in the Hornady loading manual represents actual results derived in the Hornady Ballistics Laboratory. Hornady recommends that reloaders... Continue Reading

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