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Why does velocity differ from what’s listed on the ammo box?

In order to comply with industry standards, Hornady publishes data for ammunition derived from testing with Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute (SAAMI) specification test barrels. SAAMI specifies minimum and maximum chamber sizes and certain barrel lengths for certain cartridges. For instance, most rifle test barrels are... Continue Reading

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Where can I find ballistics information?

Ballistics information for each bullet and cartridge is available on our online store. You'll see a tab called "Ballistics" at the top of each specific product page.

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Does the rebate receipt I received with my order qualify as the original dealer's dated receipt?

Please click here to view two examples.

The top example does not qualify as a receipt because it does not show the date of purchase or the item(s) purchased.

You should have received another receipt (bottom) that has all the required information. Please send this instead.

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Is there a way to reduce the shipping costs?

No. The full amount of shipping and handling is needed for every redemption.

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Will you throw away my paperwork if I did something wrong?

No. Don't be afraid to send your paperwork just because the form says, “Noncompliant requests will be eliminated without response.” If you forget any information or if there is any problem with your redemption, we will return it to you with a letter telling you what the problem was.

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What do I do if I can't get the UPC removed from my die set without damaging it?

The UPC bar codes on the die boxes can be difficult to remove. Try using a hair dryer to loosen the glue before removing. Or you can also try putting the empty die box in the freezer for a while and then using a razor blade to remove the label. If it is ripped or torn, that's OK. You can tape the pieces onto the redemption form, and we will still accept it.

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Can I still get the free bullets if I received my qualifying item as a gift?

Yes, you can still get the free bullets as long as we get all the required paperwork:

  • Original dated receipt with retailer's name.
  • UPC from box or label.
  • Check or money order for shipping and handling.

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What address should I list if I live in Hawaii (or Alaska) and mail cannot be delivered to my physical address?

We use the U.S. Postal Service to deliver bullets to Hawaii and Alaska, so please list your mailing address. P.O. boxes are allowed.

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How do I redeem my bullets if I bought my qualifying items online and don't have a receipt?

Please print out any invoice or order confirmation you received from the online company. Make sure the company’s name, items purchased and date of purchase are shown.

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Can I send you a copy of my receipt so I can keep the original?

Yes, we can accept a copy of your original receipt. Please make sure the store’s name, items purchased and date of purchase are shown.

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