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Can I redeem my bullets for multiple items purchased, or am I limited to one redemption per household?

You can redeem for all the qualifying items purchased during the promotion period. Please fill out one redemption form for each qualifying item and enclose them in one envelope. We only need one copy of each receipt. We do need the correct amount of all shipping and handling charges, but they can be combined onto a single check or money order.

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Can I substitute another bullet if the bullets I want are not listed on the "Get Loaded" form?

The list of bullets is based on the most popular bullets used by a majority of our customers. Substitutions are not allowed.

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How long will it take to get bullets from the "Get Loaded" promotion?

It depends on how soon we get your request entered and whether the bullets are in stock. Please allow 12 to 16 weeks for delivery after your redemption is processed. If you provide an email address, you will receive an email confirmation once the order is entered. You will also receive an email confirmation once the bullets ship.

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How do I get my free bullets after buying an item that's supposed to qualify me for free bullets?

Please fill out the redemption form provided on the appropriate Promotional page. (See list at the bottom of page.) Follow the instructions on the form and mail it in to us.

Hornady "Name of Promo"
P.O. Box 1848
Grand Island, NE 68802-1848

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What do I do if I have a stuck case in a sizing die?

Please send it to us along with contact information and a $5.00 check for the return postage made out to Hornady Manufacturing. We can only accommodate requests for customers inside the USA due to licensing regulations for cartridge cases. We ask that you use Fedex, UPS or other direct shipping service. Using USPS may result in item being... Continue Reading

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How do I order replacement parts for my press or dies?

Please give us a call at 1-800-338-3220 to place an order.

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What causes some cases not to adequately expand when loading range brass?

Case length uniformity is critical. If you set everything up with a case at the longer end of the spectrum and then run some cases that are considerably shorter, these cases will not be expanded to the same degree as the longer ones. For best results, sort cases by headstamp and ensure that cases are uniform in length.

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How will the measure stop work on my Case Activated Powder Drop, which uses a 4-inch return spring oriented diagonally?

The measure stop and powder through expanders are only compatible with the Case Activated Powder Drop that we currently offer with the vertical return spring. Unfortunately, these are not compatible with the earlier CAPDs with the diagonal return spring.

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If I don't plan on using a powder through expander, do I still need the measure stop?

No. If you're using the expander die that came with your die set for case expansion, you will use one of the sleeves in the Case Activated Powder Drop rather than a powder through expander. The measure stop is not necessary if you are using one of these sleeves.

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Is the PTX stop necessary for .223 Remington or .308 Winchester (bottleneck cartridges)?

No, it is only recommended when a powder through expander is going to be used on straight-walled cartridges.

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