Product Warning & Recall Notice - Item #82730

April 9, 2006

Hornady Manufacturing Company is recalling one (1) lot of 30-30Win. Hornady LEVERevolution™ Ammunition. This lot was shipped between the dates of 3-29-06 and 4-7-06.

ITEM #82730, LOT #3060134

Hornady Manufacturing Company ballisticians have determined that some cartridges from Lot #3060134 may be under loaded. An under loaded cartridge may result in a bullet remaining in the barrel after firing, causing an obstruction. Firing a second shot with a barrel obstruction from the first shot, will cause firearm damage and may cause personal injury to the shooter and bystanders.

DO NOT USE HORNADY LEVEREVOLUTION™ 30-30 WIN. LOT #3060134. The lot number can be found printed on the underside of the box label.


If you own this lot number or have any questions regarding this recall, please call 800-338-1242. Hornady Manufacturing Company will make all arrangements associated with this return and replacement of the product.

ANY OTHER LOT NUMBERS OR ITEM NUMBERS ARE NOT SUBJECT TO THIS RECALL AND REQUIRE NO ACTION. Thank you for your attention. We apologize for this inconvenience.