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How do I program my RAPiD Safe wristband to my RAPiD Safe?

The RFID chip in the wristband is located inside the buckle of the bracelet. Locate the red program button on the RAPiD Safe. Press and release the button to begin programming the wristband. The first available program location will begin to blink. Hold the wristband buckle within 1” of the illuminated RFID reader area on the top of the safe lid. If the programming was successful, the safe should beep two times and the available slot should go from blinking to solid red for approximately ten seconds. Verify the wristband is programmed by holding the tag over the RFID reader with the lid open. The motor should cycle after each scan. If the RFID tag does not program into the safe, the program function will time out after ten seconds and the safe will return to normal operation. For further assistance, please contact customer service at 800-338-3220.