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Is Hornady® One Shot® Sonic Clean™ Gun Parts Formula Pine Sol®?

No, Hornady® One Shot® Sonic Clean™ Gun Parts Formula is not Pine Sol®. Please refer to our Safety Data Sheet and compare it to the ingredient list for Pine Sol®. Although the Safety Data Sheet only lists ingredients that are deemed to be potentially hazardous per OSHA regulations, you will see that the two products are very different. The Hornady® One Shot® Sonic Clean™ Gun Parts Formula contains unique surfactants, emulsifiers and corrosion inhibitors. The formula was developed in cooperation with a laboratory we've worked with for many years, and several versions were created before we arrived at the final formulation. While Pine Sol® and Hornady® One Shot® Sonic Clean™ Gun Parts Formula utilize pine derivatives for their natural fragrance and antibacterial properties and both products contain water as a base solvent, the similarities end there.