Ballistics Data

Where can I find ballistics information?

The ballistics information for each bullet and cartridge is available by looking up the bullet or cartridge in our online store. You'll see a tab called "Ballistics" at the top of each specific product page.

Why does velocity differ from what’s listed on the ammo box?

In order to comply with industry standards, Hornady publishes data for ammunition derived from testing utilizing SAAMI (Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute) specification test barrels. SAAMI specifies minimum and maximum chamber sizes, and also specifies certain barrel lengths for certain cartridges i.e. most rifle test barrels are 24 inches in length.  Unfortunately, due to variables associated with individual firearm chambers and / or barrels, there may be variations in velocity from what is published by Hornady (either faster OR slower).

What would the velocity of your ammunition if using a shorter barrel?

Exact velocities cannot be calculated as there are generally variables associated with individual chambers and / or barrels that will affect velocity, but on average, velocity gains or losses will be approximately 25 – 35 fps per inch of barrel difference. This is an approximation, and will not hold true for every load or every gun. To truly measure performance, the load should be tested over a chronograph.

Why does load data listed in other manufacturer’s loading manuals differ from others when loading the same cartridge?

Several factors can cause this. The size of the specific firearm chamber and throat dimensions, seating depth, bullet profile, propellant variances andcrimping depth can all contribute to variations in load data.  The data found in the Hornady loading manual represents actual results derived in the HornadyBallistics Laboratory.  Hornady recommends that all reloaders ALWAYS start with the “starting load” and work up cautiously until you achieve the performance that you are looking for.  NOTE: If pressure signs become evident, stop immediately and reduce the load or try another propellant.