What is the difference between Critical DUTY™ & Critical DEFENSE®

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What's the Difference?

What happened to the Light MagnumŽ and Heavy MagnumŽ lines of ammunition?


With the advent of SuperformanceTM Ammunition, Light Magnum® and Heavy Magnum® Ammunition has been discontinued.

"Superformance ammunition provides all the positives of Light and Heavy Magnum (increased velocity without increased barrel wear), but has added benefits as well. Simply stated; Superformance provides 100 to 200 feet per second faster muzzle velocities than any conventional ammunition; there's no increase in felt recoil; no sacrifice in accuracy, and it gives up far less velocity when shot from shorter barreled rifles. Superformance is also friendly for use in all guns, including semi-autos, unlike Light and Heavy Magnum that had a pressure curve that wasn't conducive for use in semi-autos." - Jason Hornady, Vice President/Director of Sales.

Originally developed and pioneered by Hornady in the early 1990's, both Light Magnum® and Heavy Magnum® ammunition set the original standard for increased performance by providing higher velocity and energy from existing cartridges through a proprietary propellant and loading process. As revolutionary as this product was, it has now simply been eclipsed. SuperformanceTM ammunition is a 21st Century shift in ammunition technology. There's no gimmicks, no compromises, only benefits. It's faster (100 to 200 fps faster than any conventional ammunition on the market), extremely accurate, and there's NO increase in felt recoil (unlike Light Magnum® and Heavy Magnum®).

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I would like to return my ammunition, how do I do that?

Ammunition Warranty

All Hornady ammunition is warranted against material and workmanship defects. If the ammunition is found to be defective due to material or workmanship, Hornady will replace the defective ammunition at no charge to the customer.

All ammunition warranty claims are handled on a case-by-case basis. In order to initiate a claim, please contact our Customer Service Technicians at 800-338-3220.

All ammunition warranty claims must have a Return Authorization (RA) number assigned before acceptance at our facility for further examination. Please DO NOT send ammunition without obtaining a RA number from our Customer Service staff.

NOTE: Improper storage and handling of ammunition may result in damage to the product. The appearance of exposure, corrosion or any other evidence of damage that occurred after the product was sold will void any warranties.

To return a product, send with transportation prepaid, to:

Hornady Manufacturing Company
3625 West Old Potash Hwy
Grand Island NE 68803

Prices and/or specifications are subject to change without notice.

Is Hornady +P ammunition safe to use in my handgun?

Hornady +P ammunition is manufactured to industry +P standards and is safe to use in any firearm that is regulated to +P pressures.