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If I don't plan on using a powder through expander, do I still need the measure stop?

No. If you're using the expander die that came with your die set for case expansion, you will use one of the sleeves in the Case Activated Powder Drop rather than a powder through expander. The measure stop is not necessary if you are using one of these sleeves.

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Is the PTX stop necessary for .223 Remington or .308 Winchester (bottleneck cartridges)?

No, it is only recommended when a powder through expander is going to be used on straight-walled cartridges.

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How do I get more taper crimp with my die?

Please follow these simple steps:

  1. Loosen the seater adjustment screw (very top milled piece) about three times.
  2. Loosen the lock ring on the crimp adjustment screw (middle) and back it out about three turns.
  3. Tighten the crimp adjustment screw down until you have the correct crimp.
  4. After you have made the adjustment, lock the lock ring and reset your bullet seater adjustment screw to the correct seating depth.

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How do I know what to buy for my reloading needs?

View the Reloading Essentials page to determine the size and type of reloading essentials you need.

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What if I need a modified case?

Please include contact information, two fired pieces of brass (not deprimed or resized in case there are issues creating the modified case), as well as a check or money order for $15.00 for customers inside the USA. Please make checks payable to Hornady Manufacturing. We ask that you use Fedex, UPS or other direct shipping service. Using USPS... Continue Reading

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Beside the press, what do I need to get started reloading?

You will need the following items:

Reloading Handbook #99239 Lock-N-Load® Die Bushings (1 for each die) One Shot® Spray Case Lube 5.5 ounce with Dyna Glide Plus #9991 Powder Funnel #586050 Universal Loading Block #480040 GS-1500 Grain Electronic Scale #050107 Primer Turning Plate #050006 Dial Caliper... Continue Reading

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Do I need to convert my Lock-N-Load® AP press?

No, this new ejection system is not a required conversion. If you purchase new style shell plates, they will work with both the wire eject and EZ-JECT systems.

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How do I make a shell plate exchange?

Hornady will convert your existing shell plates for $15 per plate. Please call our sales department at 800-338-3220 to arrange authorization for sending in shell plates for conversion.

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How do I adjust my 366 Auto shotshell press to load the new Winchester AA hulls?

Readjust Station 7 up to get the pressure off the case. It will usually need to be raised two complete turns. The manual calls for 7 to 9 threads above the jam nut. Around 10 to 11 turns will work for the new AA cases. After the adjustment, you may have a small hole in the center. This can be corrected by adjusting Station 6 down.

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Where can I get a shotshell instruction manual?

Visit the Shotshell Reloading User Manual page. If the manual you need is not available, please call customer service at 1-800-338-3220.

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