Sponsored Shooters

Hornady® is proud to sponsor some of the most successful competitive shooters in the industry.

Our sponsored shooters represent Hornady® Manufacturing across the nation and the world. The top competitors in 3-Gun, Benchrest, Action Pistol and High Power competitions rely on Hornady® products to deliver the accuracy and consistency needed to win time after time. We are proud to endorse them and their efforts industry-wide.

Corinne Mosher Logo

Corinne Mosher

Corinne became a firearms instructor in 2012 and since then has been essential at the range where she teaches by creating course content for some of the most popular classes including, Ladies Self Defensive and Youth safety classes. Corinne…

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Ryan Muller Logo

Ryan Muller

"After graduating college, I moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma to take a position as a plastics engineer and needless to say, the opportunites to get behind the trigger drastically decreased! After falling for my new bride, Dianna Liedorff,…

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Kelly Neal Logo

Kelly Neal

Kelly has been a top 3-Gun competitor since 2001. Since then, he's had many top 3 finishes in numerous national level matches such as: Superstition Mountain Mystery 3 Gun Match, USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals, Rocky Mountain 3 Gun,…

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Rob Ormond Logo

Rob Ormond

Rob is an accomplished long range rifle shooter competing in sniper/tactical rifle matches across the country since 2003. Rob has many first place finishes including the 2009 AZ Tactical Precision Rifle Competition and 2007 Tac…

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John Paul Logo

John Paul

John Paul is the founder and design team leader for JP Enterprises, Inc. and incorporates his first hand experience as a professional shooter to provide cutting edge products for the LE/Military community as well as the serious…

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Richard Porter Logo

Richard Porter

Richard Porter retired from the police force after serving 30 years in Fayetteville/Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. He held various positions in the department, including 12 years as Team Leader and Trainer for the Emergency Response…

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Maggie Reese Logo

Maggie Reese

Maggie Reese is a professional shooter and USPSA champion. Reese currently resides in Chino, California and has more than 13 years of experience as a professional shooter. In 2011 Maggie Reese appeared on the History Channel’s…

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Ashley Rheuark Logo

Ashley Rheuark

Ashley Rheuark is an early graduate from Clover High School in York, South Carolina. She has been doing competitive shooting approximately 4 years. Her journey with firearms began at the age of 10 when she used to go deer hunting…

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Tate Streater Logo

Tate Streater

Tate Streater has been shooting rifles competitively since 2013. He began competing in the Precision Rifle Series in 2014. He has two major PRS match wins including the 2014 Heatstroke Open and the 2015 Snipershide Cup. During…

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Wade Stuteville Logo

Wade Stuteville

Wade Stuteville has been a hunter, shooter, and gunsmith for most of his life and has been a competitive long-range rifle shooter since 1998. He is president of Stuteville Precision, a partner at Impact Precision Shooting, and…

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Jake Vibbert Logo

Jake Vibbert

Residing in Cheney Washington, Jake Vibbert owns JC Steel targets Inc. and is a strong competitor in the Precision Rifle Series and the National Rifle League. In just four years, he has earned an impressive shooting resume with…

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Justin Vinyard Logo

Justin Vinyard

Justin Vinyard has been hunting and shooting guns since he was 15 years old. Justin is a firefighter in Norman, Oklahoma, and lives in Jones, Oklahoma with his wife Kelli and son, Nolan. He has been a member of the Oklahoma Practical…

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