Sponsored Shooters

Hornady® is proud to sponsor some of the most successful competitive shooters in the industry.

Our sponsored shooters represent Hornady® Manufacturing across the nation and the world. The top competitors in 3-Gun, Benchrest, Action Pistol, High Power, Precision Rifle Series and National Rifle League competitions rely on Hornady® products to deliver the accuracy and consistency needed to win time after time. We are proud to endorse them and their efforts industry-wide.

Jerry Miculek Logo

Jerry Miculek

Miculek holds dozens of national and international handgun, rifle, and shotgun titles. He is one of the fastest revolver shooters in the world, capable of emptying a five-shot revolver in 0.57 seconds in a group the size of a…

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Blake Miguez Logo

Blake Miguez

Blake Miguez joined the Hornady Shooting Team in 2011. He is a familiar face to many in the shooting world from his multiple appearances on the hit reality TV show, Top Shot, on the History Channel. He is the current IPSC World…

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Jared Milinazzo Logo

Jared Milinazzo

Jared has been shooting IPSC for 6 years and 3-Gun for 4 years. As a junior shooter in 2007, he was rated top junior at Rocky Mountain 3-Gun, and 3-Gun Nationals. Since 2007, Jared has placed in the top 5 at several matches including…

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Tate Moots Logo

Tate Moots

Achievements: Adams Arms Heavy Metal Champion 2008 Rocky Mountain Heavy Metal Champion Numerous top 5 finishes on a national level

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Ryan Muller Logo

Ryan Muller

"After graduating college, I moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma to take a position as a plastics engineer and needless to say, the opportunites to get behind the trigger drastically decreased! After falling for my new bride, Dianna Liedorff,…

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Sean Murphy Logo

Sean Murphy

Sean is a successful competitive shooter across multiple pistol, carbine and long-range rifle disciplines. Achievements include earning Grand Master in USPSA Production and winning several state titles, representing the United…

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Austin Orgain Logo

Austin Orgain

Like many competitive shooters, Austin became interested in hunting and shooting at an early age. From shooting pellet rifles in 4-H during elementary school, he advanced to trap and skeet shooting in middle school and, finally,…

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Sandra Orvig Logo

Sandra Orvig

Sandra Orvig was born and raised in Charleston, SC. She began shooting competitively in 2004 and competes in a variety of shooting disciplines including USPSA, 3 Gun and Fallin’ Steel. She is on the Board of Directors for Generation…

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Matt Partain Logo

Matt Partain

Matt Partain grew up hunting and fishing in northwest Louisiana, where “90% of our conversations revolved around the outdoors.” Shooting at targets from long distances piqued his interest, and he competed in his first Precision…

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John Paul Logo

John Paul

John Paul is the founder and design team leader for JP Enterprises, Inc. and incorporates his first hand experience as a professional shooter to provide cutting edge products for the LE/Military community as well as the serious…

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Richard Porter Logo

Richard Porter

Richard Porter retired from the police force after serving 30 years in Fayetteville/Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. He held various positions in the department, including 12 years as Team Leader and Trainer for the Emergency Response…

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Dave Preston Logo

Dave Preston

Dave Preston started shooting competitively in 2010 and joined the Precision Rifle series in 2013.  Dave's desire to learn more and improve his hunting skills turned into a passion. Preston's experience in competitive shooting…

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