Sponsored Shooters

Hornady® is proud to sponsor some of the most successful competitive shooters in the industry.

Our sponsored shooters represent Hornady® Manufacturing across the nation and the world. The top competitors in 3-Gun, Benchrest, Action Pistol and High Power competitions rely on Hornady® products to deliver the accuracy and consistency needed to win time after time. We are proud to endorse them and their efforts industry-wide.

Thomas Glas Logo

Thomas Glas

Hornady-sponsored shooter, Thomas Glas, started shooting air pistol 25 years ago, but now he’s a top contender in big bore handgun matches. Thomas belongs to three of Germany’s most renowned confederations (BDS, BDMP, and DSB),…

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Nick Greenfield Logo

Nick Greenfield

Nick has been shooting USPSA for over 8 years now and absolutley loves it. He competes in the open division and has won several state sectional matches and has taken top honors at area matches in his class numerous times. He…

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Sherwyn Greenfield Logo

Sherwyn Greenfield

Sherwyn started sport shooting about 30 years ago beginning with bullseye and bowling pins. As his passion for shooting started to evolve, he shot the Masters for several years, along with the Steel Challenge. He then found…

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Greg Hamilton Logo

Greg Hamilton

Greg Hamilton moved beyond the pellet rifle at the early age of 6. He has enjoyed many different forms of competitive shooting for the last 30+ years. Positional small bore competition in high school led to long range hunting,…

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Jessie Harrison Logo

Jessie Harrison

In Jessie’s shooting career, she has gone from a beginning shooter to top ranked professional, earning 22 National and 19 World Champion shooting titles, as well as numerous regional and state champion titles, in five different…

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Doug Koenig Logo

Doug Koenig

The list of professional shooters who have withstood the test of time, and continue to perform at a championship level is rather short. Doug Koenig is that once in a generation talent, redefining what it takes to be a World Champion…

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Bobby McGee Logo

Bobby McGee

Bobby McGee is an accomplished, well-rounded shooter in IDPA and USPSA competitions. Bobby is well known in the Fire-Arm/shooting Industry as a holster designer and is currently working with Safariland as their Research & Development…

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Scott McGregor Logo

Scott McGregor

Scott has been shooting competitively since 2004 and professionally since 2009. He was the 2013 3-Gun Nation Heavy Metal Optics Division Champion. Along with the 3 Gun Nation Pro Series, Scott also shoots USPSA, IDPA, and NRA…

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Jerry Miculek Logo

Jerry Miculek

Miculek holds dozens of national and international handgun, rifle, and shotgun titles. He is one of the fastest revolver shooters in the world, capable of emptying a five-shot revolver in 0.57 seconds in a group the size of a…

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Blake Miguez Logo

Blake Miguez

Blake Miguez joined the Hornady Shooting Team in 2011. He is a familiar face to many in the shooting world from his multiple appearances on the hit reality TV show, Top Shot, on the History Channel. He is the current IPSC World…

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Jared Milinazzo Logo

Jared Milinazzo

Jared has been shooting IPSC for 6 years and 3-Gun for 4 years. As a junior shooter in 2007, he was rated top junior at Rocky Mountain 3-Gun, and 3-Gun Nationals. Since 2007, Jared has placed in the top 5 at several matches including…

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Tate Moots Logo

Tate Moots

Achievements: Adams Arms Heavy Metal Champion 2008 Rocky Mountain Heavy Metal Champion Numerous top 5 finishes on a national level

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