Hornady Ballistics App - with 4DOF®

Get the most accurate trajectories available — in a free app!

Shooters seeking more accurate trajectories, especially at extreme ranges, can access all the benefits of the Hornady® 4DOF™ calculator — even in areas lacking wireless connectivity — with the Hornady Ballistic Calculator App.

The free app utilizes the Hornady 4DOF™ (4 Degrees of Freedom) Ballistic Calculator, which provides trajectory solutions based on projectile drag coefficient (not ballistic coefficient) along with exact physical modeling of the projectile, its mass and aerodynamic properties. Additionally, 4DOF™ is the first publicly available program that correctly calculates the vertical shift a bullet experiences as it encounters a crosswind, referred to as aerodynamic jump.

Standard ballistic calculators consider three degrees of freedom: windage, elevation and range. But Hornady 4DOF™ adds a fourth degree — the bullet’s movement about its center of gravity and subsequent angle relative to its line of flight — for even greater accuracy.

Product Features

No Signal Needed

Because you download it to your device, the Hornady Ballistic Calculator App works in remote areas where no wireless signal is available, unlike the online, website version.

Bullet Library

A wide selection of long-range match and hunting style bullets from Hornady and other manufacturers such as Sierra, Berger, Lapua, Warner Tool, Nosler, and various 22 LR projectiles is programmed into the app and updated regularly.

Powder Library

Reloaders will find many varieties of powder — tested for temperature sensitivity — in the app’s powder library.


Build and save favorites for future use with various rifle, scope and ammunition combinations.

Group Analysis

Measure group size, impact offsets, and other group metrics with your phone. It can also be used during Find Zero Angle to calculate impact height and impact windage values. Cost $4.99 in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Multi Hud View

The app’s Heads Up Display (HUD) allows shooters to create duplicate solutions screens, change variables like wind and shooting angle, and name them for quick identification.

Pair with Weather Meter

Electronically input weather variables from meters such as Kestrel 5500 or higher or WeatherFlow with Bluetooth.

Pre-populated BC Calculator

Along with 4DOF, other bullet calculations can be done with the included BC calculator that pre-populates BC values and test barrel velocities for the entire Hornady ammo line.

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