Reloading Tools

Why isn't the rifle bullet feeder compatible with the pistol bullet feeder?

There are five main reasons:

  1. The pistol bullet feeder has a 120-volt electrical system (power supply, motor and electrical connector). The rifle bullet feeder has a 12-volt electrical system to eliminate the potential for electrical shock from a 120-volt system.
  2. The rifle bullet feeder has a shutoff switch to prevent overfeeding. The pistol bullet feeder does not have the wiring attachments to support the shutoff switch.
  3. The square tube that supports the pistol bullet feeder hopper is a fixed height. The rifle bullet feeder requires a taller and adjustable support tube so a wide range of cartridge and bullet lengths can be loaded. This would not be possible with the fixed-height bracket.
  4. The hole in the hopper for the feed spring was moved to ensure reliable feeding of lightweight bullets.
    NOTE: The feed angle was too shallow to reliably feed 40-grain VMAX bullets.
  5. The feed plate, feed springs and feeder die are also different for the rifle system. Therefore, only about one-third of the parts in the .22-caliber rifle bullet feeder system are the same as the pistol bullet feeder. Most of these identical parts are hardware (nuts, bolts, screws, springs, gears, etc.) or other parts that are not practical to switch back and forth.