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Why does my case mouth bottom out on the bullet comparator when comparing Base to Ogive?

Answer: The new Hornady Bullet Comparators were designed to optimize comparisons between the base to ogive of bullets. We did design it so that it can also compare base to ogive of cartridges, but do to the large array of different cartridges we were not able to optimize the design to work with all cartridge base to ogive measurements. As a... Continue Reading

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How do I properly dispose of my Sonic Clean™ solution?

As supplied, this product is completely biodegradable and not hazardous waste as defined by the EPA Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).

As with many other household cleaning products, it's possible that contamination by certain chemicals might cause the solution to be considered "hazardous" for disposal purposes. Since... Continue Reading

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Is Hornady® One Shot® Sonic Clean™ Gun Parts Formula Pine Sol®?

No, Hornady® One Shot® Sonic Clean™ Gun Parts Formula is not Pine Sol®. Please refer to our Safety Data Sheet and compare it to the ingredient list for Pine Sol®. Although the Safety Data Sheet only lists ingredients that are deemed to be potentially hazardous per OSHA regulations, you will see that the... Continue Reading

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How long will a quart container of One Shot® cleaning solution last?

One Shot® cleaning solution is a concentrate that is diluted 40-to-1 with water. This ratio provides approximately 64 tank refills per bottle for the 1.2L model.

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Can I use other cleaning solutions in the Sonic Cleaner?

Hornady only recommends using Hornady® One Shot® Cleaning Solutions.

  • Case Cleaning Solution Item #043355
  • Gun Cleaning Solution Item #043360

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Do you offer Sonic Cleaners in 220-volt?

We currently have three models available in 220-volt:

 1.2L Lock-N-Load® Sonic Cleaner (Item #043351)  9L Hornady® Hot Tub™ Sonic Cleaner (Item #043311)... Continue Reading

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Do Hornady® Sonic Cleaners need to cool completely between cycles?

Allowing your Sonic Cleaner to cool down for a couple of minutes between cycles will help extend the life of the machine. It can be operated, however, up to 24 minutes (three cycles) before it must be allowed to cool completely.

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When using a Sonic Cleaner, why do some cases come clean faster than others?

The Sonic Cleaner’s tub includes a centrally located transducer. Move the cases around between cycles to ensure more uniform cleaning.

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Why is residue left in some of the cases after cleaning?

Hornady® Sonic Cleaners remove most of the carbon but may leave behind loosened traces of carbon in the case. Simply remove the carbon with a quick wipe of a cotton swab.

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How do I know if my Sonic Cleaner is working properly?

Place a piece of aluminum measuring approximately 4 by 4 inches in the cleaning solution, and turn the machine on for a 480-second cycle. If the Sonic Cleaner is working properly, the center of the foil should be wrinkled and may contain small pinholes.

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