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Why does my case mouth bottom out on the bullet comparator when comparing Base to Ogive?

Answer: The new Hornady Bullet Comparators were designed to optimize comparisons between the base to ogive of bullets. We did design it so that it can also compare base to ogive of cartridges, but do to the large array of different cartridges we were not able to optimize the design to work with all cartridge base to ogive measurements. As a... Continue Reading

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Will the jacket and core of ELD-X bullets separate since they're not bonded?

High-velocity impacts may occasionally cause the ELD-X bullet jacket to roll back past the InterLock ring during penetration, leading to jacket core separation as the bullet comes to rest. When bullets stop inside an animal, the elasticity of the flesh, and especially the hide, pulls the bullet backward into the animal and often flips... Continue Reading

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Is Hornady +P ammunition safe to use in my handgun?

Hornady +P ammunition is manufactured to industry +P standards and is safe to use in any firearm that is regulated to +P pressures.

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How do I return ammunition?

All Hornady ammunition is warranted against material and workmanship defects. If the ammunition is found to be defective due to material or workmanship, Hornady will replace the defective ammunition at no charge to the customer.All ammunition warranty claims are handled on a case-by-case basis. In order to initiate a claim, please contact our... Continue Reading

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What happened to the Light Magnum® and Heavy Magnum® lines of ammunition?

With the advent of SuperformanceTM Ammunition, Light Magnum® and Heavy Magnum® Ammunition have been discontinued.

"Superformance ammunition provides all the positives of Light and Heavy Magnum (increased velocity without increased barrel wear) but has added benefits, as well. Simply stated, Superformance provides 100 to 200 feet... Continue Reading

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What is the difference between Critical DUTY® & Critical DEFENSE®?

Learn about Critical DUTY® and Critical DEFENSE® by clicking here.

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