What happened to the Light Magnum® and Heavy Magnum® lines of ammunition?

With the advent of SuperformanceTM Ammunition, Light Magnum® and Heavy Magnum® Ammunition have been discontinued.

"Superformance ammunition provides all the positives of Light and Heavy Magnum (increased velocity without increased barrel wear) but has added benefits, as well. Simply stated, Superformance provides 100 to 200 feet per second faster muzzle velocities than any conventional ammunition. There's no increase in felt recoil, no sacrifice in accuracy, and it gives up far less velocity when shot from shorter-barreled rifles. Superformance is also friendly for use in all guns, including semi-autos, unlike Light and Heavy Magnum, which had a pressure curve that wasn't conducive for use in semi-autos." - Jason Hornady, Vice President/Director of Sales

Originally developed and pioneered by Hornady in the early 1990s, both Light Magnum® and Heavy Magnum® ammunition set the original standard for increased performance by providing higher velocity and energy from existing cartridges through a proprietary propellant and loading process. As revolutionary as this product was, it has now simply been eclipsed. SuperformanceTM ammunition is a 21st-century shift in ammunition technology. There are no gimmicks, no compromises, only benefits. It's faster (100 to 200 fps faster than any conventional ammunition on the market), extremely accurate, and there's NO increase in felt recoil (unlike Light Magnum® and Heavy Magnum®).

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