Utah Elk

By David Salter

August 10, 2017

Started in Utah. We saw cow after cow. On the third evening, we set up in a place called Bear Flats. At the very last shooting light we had I saw thia small Spike and ranged him at 450 yards. I was shooting my Ruger MKII in 7 MMMAG. I used the good old faithful Hornady Custom 162 Grain B.T.S.P. I shot and hit him a foot behind the shoulder as he was a perfect t-bone shot.

He leaped in the air and reared like a horse, I lost sight of him but he was easy to find as he went a whole 20 yards and was done. I was a little shocked that I had a complete pass through, but then again, the Interlock Bullet has been a favorite of mine. Once again my faith is in Hornady ammuntion. No need for me to reload at all. Thanks gain


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