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Hornady® Bullets

Available in a wide variety of hunting calibers, Custom™ ammunition is loaded with InterLock,® SST,® InterBond,® FTX® and GMX® bullets, providing an all-around line of hunting ammunition for your preferred shooting experience.

Expansion and Penetration

An industry leader and customer favorite, Custom™ ammunition balances expansion and penetration and is well-suited to medium and large sized game.

Ballistic Efficiency

Most Custom™ loads feature bullets with a secant ogive design. This pioneering profile, developed by Hornady,® creates the optimum blend of ballistic efficiency and bearing surface for flatter shooting and less drag.

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Utah Elk

By David Salter | August 10, 2017

Started in Utah. We saw cow after cow. On the third evening, we set up in a place called Bear Flats. At the very last shooting light we had I saw thia small Spike and ranged him at 450 yards. I was shooting…

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