Two Bulls in 30 seconds

By David Salter

August 10, 2017

Good Day

This is the follow up to my brothers very first Bull killed. So after my brother shot his Bull, twice using Hornady Custom 162 Grain B.T.S.P from his 7MMMAG, the old gray boxed ammo, I took aim at my Bull who was now 350 yards away. I usually do not use a 30-06 for Elk as I like a heavier magnum and such, for pounds and impact.

Never the less, I took aim at him at 350 yards, using a Remington 7400, 30-06 shooting Hornady Custom, Gray Box Ammo, with 180 Grain S.P. I shot and the Bull reared up and disappeared in the dark timber. It was pouring rain but nothing mattered now. We got up a few minutes later and went to the timber edge. There he was on the ground, done. The bullet went through the first shoulder, then broke through the 2nd shoulder and was ever so slightly peaking through the hide on the other side. WOW, awesome power. Not an easy thing to do to a Bull, doing both shoulders. Anyways, the fun was awesome and then the work began. Thanks again Hornady.


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