The addiction

By Bob paddock

December 17, 2017

It is amazing the sound made by Hornady's 143 ELD on steel at 1000 yards.
This sound and the look and feel of the custom hillbilly in 6.5 creedmore created in me thought about shooting 2000 yards.
A call to hillbilly a 300RUM and Hornady 208 ELD put a band aid on that need.
Within a few weeks I realized I NEEDED a little more gun to get comfortable at 2000. So another call to the hillbilly and a 338 lapua later loaded with 285 ELD 2000 is now very comfortable.
Just too much fun. Another new rifle will help me sleep better at night. So a quick call to the hillbilly and a twin to the lapua is born in 6.5 Grendel. Loaded with 123 ELD it is incredible. We aren't finished yet. Another Grendel on a AR platform is on his bench and a couple more bolt guns that will remain anonymous other than they will also be born twins one a 28 the other a 33 both will shoot ELD so I can hear that sound they make on steel plates.

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