Javi & 77/22 Hornet

By Barry Hill Sr

May 8, 2017

Just arrived to the lease in Zapata country. It was starting to get late since my son and I were both arriving from work Friday afternoon. We had time to stop on the way to camp at a favorite Coyote crossing, our intended quarry. I was fully confident with the Match Hornady 45 grain ammo l had been shooting for a month. It took a few trips to the range floating and fitting the stock on my Ruger.

I had owned the rifle new for 10 years but never liked the way it shot. Today though I knew it was putting all rounds in a 1" circle at 100 yds. This evening's hunt was not a full blown camo hunt creeping through the thorn bush. It was shooting max, 200 yards down a caleche road sitting next to a gas compressor.

Thirty minutes after we started hunting, a Javelina crossed the road about 160 yards down the road. Gun came up next to the mirror where I braced my hold. # 2 Javi came out with #3 behind him. My son asked which one I was taking and all I said was the middle one in the center of the road. He was walking right to left, when I put the 2X7 Redfield scope on his shoulder. Shot cracked and the Javi snapped back at his left side and ran back the way he came.

We gave him a few minutes and we went to the scene of the crime. I looked quite awhile circling in the bush 100 or so yards down the road when my son yelled at me, over here. The shot took down my Javi less than 10 yards from where the impact occurred, I just wasn't looking far enough down the road.

The 45grain Bullet did its job. I'll keep shooting the Match Ammo from here on out. Thanks for your time, Barry Hill, and don't over-look the Hornet!

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