Hornady Delivers All Time !

By JJ Reinecke

October 18, 2022

Hi guys - I've been doing Fieldshoot (IHRSA) in South Africa for a few years now and absolutely love Hornady products.

At first I have started with the A Max 75gr .22 Cal on my custom build 22-250's (28 3/4' Barrels and 1-8" twists).

When I heard of the A Max bullets that where about to be discontinued, I purchased the last of them. "Not knowing what is about to happen next" - What will I use ???

So it became that I ran out of A Max bullets and I started to browse on the internet - So many to choose from.

There it is - 75gr ELD M Bullets - Hornady

Bought a few - (As I shoot about 2000 rounds per year)

Then I started with load development - And as you can see on the attached picture - 4 Shots on 200 meters !!!

Absolutely the best bullets !!! Never let me down. Thanks for great Bullets!!!

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