First Rifle Buck

By Andrew Wallace

August 28, 2013

I got my first buck with my rifle last year, on the first day of Pennsylvania's rifle season. It was pretty cold for last year's opener. I had already picked out a spot the day before with my cousin and set up a couple mock scrapes and set up my climber so all I had to do was climb up and settle in and hope for the best. Well opening morning wouldn't come quick enough. I got all up in my tree, harnessed in and settled in. About 8:00 a trespasser walks right by me and I thought my morning was ruined, but 20 minutes later I see a deer walking up a trail about 60 yards to my left, I can see its a buck but I was not sure he's legal yet(in PA they have to have 3 on a side to be legal) I bring up my browning 30-06 to check to see if he's legal. I see that he is, flick off the safety and let the 150SST fly and it flew true and the buck sucked it up and ran about 50 yards, so I called my grandfather(hunting mentor) and let him know I finally got a buck in the mountains like the rest of my family has. So I get down and walk to where I shot the buck and there's a straight trail of blood and I can see him laying piled up under a dead tree 50 yards away. What made this deer so important to me was that I've gotten a lot bigger buck the year before, but I've never gotten one in the mountains at our hunting camp like my grandfather and uncles have, and when I got the skull back my grandfather helped me do the mount. I know when I have hornady ammo, or components I can rely that they will be accurate and get the job done!!

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