First Bull Elk

By Eric Salter

August 10, 2017

This is about my brother and his very first Elk hunt. I took my brother on his first Elk hunt and it of course was awesome, just being there. Anyways. We hiked in about 3 miles from the trail head and hiked to an overlook of a meadow about 700 yards long by 350 yards wide. We sat all day and until last light. LOLOLOL It rained and rained and rained. Then the second before we called it a day. Five Bulls came walking out. We watched them walk and eat, not feeling any nervousness at all. LOLOLOL

My brother, shooting a 7MMMAG, using Horandy Custom 162 Grain B.T.S.P. from the old Gray box. He shot and the Bull locked up and froze, I told him to shoot again and he did, dropping him in his tracks. I was so ahppy, I think more than he was. LOLOL Once again, a clean pass through on the bull, at 285 yards.

Thanks again


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