By Rob

October 15, 2013

While wild boar hunting in Tennessee I unexpectedly encountered a large group of mixed age pigs. As they were coming in my direction, I stood and waved my hands and shouted so I might be able to get a shot at a large male in the back of the bunch. The lead sow saw me as I stood up, apparently took me as a threat at 30 yards, and charged directly at me. I put the front sight on her nose and at 12 yards pressed the trigger. BOOM! She went off several steps to the right, stumbled and fell, but popped back up. BOOM! She spun in a circle to the right bleeding heavily. BOOM! she spun to the left, again bleeding heavily. BOOM! She finally went down and stopped moving. The other hogs acted confused and moved off, including the male I wanted. Unfortunately, I had missed her brain with the first shot, but the hit, just to the right side of the bridge of her nose, was enough to turn her. The other shots were in the side. All shots with the .44 Magnum Hornady 240 grain JHP XTP passed completely through and showed good expansion because of the large exit wounds. I was glad they were very effective! They saved my bacon and gave me an almost 200 pound hog for the freezer!

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