13 year old drills it

By Shane

November 10, 2014

My son (me officially) won a 204 Ruger model 11 Savage several years ago. This weekend I bought a scope for my son, for his birthday. Zeiss 3x Terra 4 -12 42MM. After a box of ammo he got it on the paper at 100 yrds. Then he did this: smaller THAN A DIME. I have never had a grouping so tight. This was on 8 power. 4 power was almost as tight. 12 power was still right on but the size of a quarter. I hope this page allows me to post the second picture, if not I'll post it in another story. This combination of rifle, scope, and Hornady ammo was unbeatable. My son will buy Hornady the rest of his life.


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