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Why aren't there more bullets in the Hornady 4DOF database?

Hornady technicians will continue to add Hornady projectiles and other bullet brands to the database. Testing is time-consuming, but rest assured, there will be more projectiles added to the library.

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What's the maximum range for acceptable terminal performance with ELD-X bullets?

It depends on retained velocity and is therefore cartridge dependent. In general, the ELD-X bullets will provide reliable and effective terminal performance up to velocities of approximately 1,600 feet per second. Click here for more information on Hornady Heat Shield Technology.

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Why didn't Hornady put the Heat Shield Tip in all of its other tipped bullets?

Doppler radar testing has shown that tip deformation or melting occurs out to ranges of 500 to 600 yards, depending on the ballistic coefficient. Bullets designed for conventional ranges up to 400 yards, such as the SST, do not have long enough time of flight over these distances to show a significant effect of tip deformation in a... Continue Reading

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Will the jacket and core of ELD-X bullets separate since they're not bonded?

High-velocity impacts may occasionally cause the ELD-X bullet jacket to roll back past the InterLock ring during penetration, leading to jacket core separation as the bullet comes to rest. When bullets stop inside an animal, the elasticity of the flesh, and especially the hide, pulls the bullet backward into the animal and often flips... Continue Reading

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Why are the new Heat Shield™ (ELD-X™ & ELD™ Match) tips a solid color instead of translucent?

Hornady® ELD-X™ and ELD™ Match bullets that feature the Heat Shield™ tip are transitioning from a translucent red to a more opaque red color to avoid a trademark conflict with another manufacturer. The increase in red dye does not affect the performance of the new Heat Shield™ tip and its ability to resist... Continue Reading

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