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American Rifleman NRA Logo

American Rifleman NRA

The Best Gun Magazine—On Television! Hosted by American Rifleman Editor-in-Chief, Mark Keefe, American Rifleman TV ranks as a must-see broadcasting for the nation’s most avid firearm enthusiasts. Cutting-edge…

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Bone Collector Logo

Bone Collector

Bone Collector premiered in 2009, exclusively on Outdoor Channel, and promised to reinvent the outdoor television genre. Bone Collector documents - in high definition - the culture of a hunter; the brotherhood…

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Carnivore Logo


Gary Roberson, host of CARNIVORE states “It is our goal to bring you a classy, cinematic hunting show with the very best footage of the predators, the places and the folks who pursue them.” Follow Gary…

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Doug Koenig's Championship Season Logo

Doug Koenig's Championship Season

Doug Koenig’s Championship Season returns to the Sportsman Channel. From remote hunting destinations to the firing line, join your host and world shooting champion Doug Koenig on his quest for the ultimate…

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Eastman's Hunting TV Logo

Eastman's Hunting TV

Western trophy big game hunting at its finest. Hunts from Arizona to Alaska and from Oregon to Quebec. Eastmans' Hunting TV hunts the finest North American big game in true fair chase fashion. Follow…

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Guns & Ammo TV Logo

Guns & Ammo TV

Guns & Ammo enters its eighth year with 13 entirely new shows. Viewers will see some of the same hard-core gun, ammo, and optic reviews with our At The Range segments, plus enjoy the unveiling of two totally…

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Handguns & Defensive Weapons Logo

Handguns & Defensive Weapons

Tune into the Sportsman Channel for tips on home defense and concealed carry on “Handguns & Defensive Weapons.” Hosts Richard Nance and James Tarr, both former police officers, and J. Scott Rupp, a veteran…

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Hornady's Dark & Dangerous Logo

Hornady's Dark & Dangerous

Hornady Manufacturing President Steve Hornady, himself a lifelong shooter and avid hunter, hosts “Hornady’s Dark and Dangerous” on the Sportsman Channel. Join Steve and other hunters as they go after Africa’s…

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Hunt Masters Logo

Hunt Masters

Take a tip from the fans of Hunt Masters TV… There is no muzzleloading bullet that compares to the Hornady SST in devastation, control expansion, and long range accuracy. When is comes to long range accuracy,…

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Long Range Pursuit Logo

Long Range Pursuit

Our mission is to show our viewers the passion we have for the pursuit of everything Long Range! As we chase trophy game all over the country and the world, we apply long range techniques in the field…

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North American Whitetail Logo

North American Whitetail

With fair-chase trophy deer adventures from across the continent, North American Whitetail presented by Arctic Cat brings heart-pounding action right to the hunter. Co-hosts Stan Potts and Gordon Whittington…

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Outdoor Quest Logo

Outdoor Quest

Outdoor Quest TV is Canada’s longest-running, independently-produced hunting series. Hosts T.J. Schwanky and Vanessa Harrop bring you the most adventure-filled hunts from around the globe. We are real…

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Petersen's Hunting Adventures TV Logo

Petersen's Hunting Adventures TV

“Petersen’s Hunting TV” features Craig Boddington, Kevin Steele, and Mike Schoby. This trio travels the world with hopes of hunting the world’s most sought-after big game. Their chase features, elk, pronghorn,…

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Pig Man: The Series Logo

Pig Man: The Series

Pig Man: The Series is the story of Brian “Pig Man” Quaca, a true-blue original and a character at the core, given to a rough and tough hunting lifestyle aimed at entertaining the masses with his different…

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Everything Eichler Logo

Everything Eichler

HUNTING THE HUNTERS… Join Fred Eichler as he gives us the best in extreme hunting action across North America and the world over. Cougars to bobcats, coyotes to wolves, black bears to grizzly bears, foxes,…

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Predator Pursuit Logo

Predator Pursuit

See Hornady products on Predator Pursuit airing on the Sportsman Channel. For more information:- Website- Promotional Video

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Predator Quest Logo

Predator Quest

Come along side of Professional Predator Caller Les Johnson, on his Predator Quest. The best predator hunting on the Network, with the only TV host holding the Triple Crown Championship of coyote calling.…

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Pulse Factor TV Logo

Pulse Factor TV

From the frozen tundra of northern Quebec to the Rocky Mountains and everywhere in between, Pulse Factor TV goes in search of trophy animals that get the blood boiling and the heart racing. Our objective…

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Shooting USA Logo

Shooting USA

Shooting USA reports on the shooting sports industry, provides viewers with in-depth coverage of match competitions, reveals an inside look at new products, and profiles the people who make news in the…

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Sports Afield TV Logo

Sports Afield TV

Travel to the finest hunting destinations around the globe in search of big game adventure. The World Of Sports Afield will air three times weekly on The Sportsman Channel. Each episode contains 2 special…

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The Given Right Logo

The Given Right

The Given Right is a show that we have put a lot of thought into and is something that we are very passionate about. We are very open in expressing our views on hunting. Zach Clark and Kenneth Lancaster…

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Tracks Across Africa Logo

Tracks Across Africa

Tracks Across Africa is a television series dedicated to capturing the essence of the African Safari… the last great adventure.Top professional hunters venture into the bush in search of a wide variety…

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Trailing the Hunter's Moon with Larry Weishuhn Logo

Trailing the Hunter's Moon with Larry Weishuhn

"Trailing the Hunter's Moon" is more than a television series, it's a lifestyle, a way of life long lived by wildlife biologist, outdoor writer, life-long hunter Larry Weishuhn, the show's host. It's a…

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Under Wild Skies Logo

Under Wild Skies

Under Wild Skies has taken viewers on the best big-game hunts worldwide – from Alaska to Zimbabwe and everywhere in between. Join host Tony Makris on an African Safari adventure unlike any other. Featuring…

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True Magnum TV Logo

True Magnum TV

True Magnum TV Finally, a show that tests man and gear to the limits. True Magnum TV’s new format tells more of the story behind each hunt; the role hunters play in conservation, the adversity they face…

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