Outdoor Quest

Outdoor Quest TV is Canada’s longest-running, independently-produced hunting series. Hosts T.J. Schwanky and Vanessa Harrop bring you the most adventure-filled hunts from around the globe. We are real hunters, who go on real hunts, where life definitely isn’t scripted. For us, the hunt is about the journey and we take our viewers along on that journey each week on Sportsman Channel Canada.

T.J. Schwanky

For T.J., the hunt is as much about the adventure as it is about the pursuit of game and he has hunted around the globe. He is recognized as a mountain-hunting expert and is always in search of unique adventures that challenge both him and his gear. He has hunted six continents and considers himself blessed to have experienced so many cultures. T.J and Vanessa share a real passion for Africa. They have hunted the Dark Continent eleven times and have not only taken some great animals but also shared their harvest with and brought humanitarian supplies to those less fortunate in some of Africa's most remote regions. He is, however, still proud to call Canada and all its incredible hunting opportunities home.

Vanessa Harrop

Vanessa has a deep passion for hunting and the outdoors and she loves to immerse herself in cultures around the globe. As hunting is the cornerstone of all cultures, she believes there is no better way to experience a destination. She is constantly seeking out new adventures and whether it's backpack hunting in the Yukon, tenting in Australia's Northern Territory or stalking on the plains of Africa, she embraces it all! There is nothing quite like the adrenalin and anticipation that comes with experiencing a new destination. Vanessa is also a gear junky and is constantly searching out and testing products to assist in her adventures. There is no need to call Vanessa a huntress. She is proud to be simply a hunter and no matter where she hunts, she is respected for her tenacity and grit. She is strong role model for all women hunters.

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