Trailing the Hunter's Moon with Larry Weishuhn

"Trailing the Hunter's Moon" is more than a television series, it's a lifestyle, a way of life long lived by wildlife biologist, outdoor writer, life-long hunter Larry Weishuhn, the show's host. It's a lifestyle he has followed since he was a very small child. Larry has long trailed the Hunter's Moon throughout North America and much of the rest of the world in search of hunting adventures and now, the adventure continues.

In his unique easy going style Larry will have you right there at his side as he stalks elk and mule deer in deep snow, follows the spoor of dangerous game, crawls up rotten rocky slopes and descends into deep valleys pursuing mountain game, or even tries to entice a mature whitetail buck within range in his beloved Texas Brush Country. At his side you'll feel the thrill of the hunt, shiver from the chill of the early frosty morning cold, or wipe the sweat from your brow due to the heat of the burning mid-day desert sun. You'll experience the acrid almost metal taste of buck fever and the aroma of freshly burned gunpowder shot at a long-stalked critter!

"Trailing the Hunter's Moon" has the look, sound, and feel of a classy and classic cinematic production which entertains, but also occasionally educates without the viewer even knowing it's happening.

Experience what it truly means,"Trailing the Hunter's Moon"!