True Magnum TV

True Magnum TV

Finally, a show that tests man and gear to the limits. True Magnum TV’s new format tells more of the story behind each hunt; the role hunters play in conservation, the adversity they face in the remote places and foreign countries they visit, and the cultural components that play into the large and small pieces of each hunt. Join internationally renowned hunters Bo Morgan, Rob Dunham, and James Brion as they take you inside the original extreme sport – mountain and wilderness hunting at its finest.

True Magnum is available on the Outdoor Channel

Moment of Impact

In addition, True Magnum's 'Moment of Impact' takes you on an adventure hunting ride around the globe to the top outfitters in the world, as vetted by the True Magnum team's over 100 years of combined outfitting and hunt consulting experience. Get a first-hand look at what it takes to provide the very best hunting experiences, with hosts James Brion and Rob Dunham and field hosts Chris Auch and Brandon Evans. Whether you are watching to scout out your next adventure, or just enjoying the beauty of these amazing destinations, sit back, relax, and get ready for True Magnum's Moment of Impact.

Moment of Impact is available on the Sportsman Channel