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Product Features

Consistency in every cartridge

State-of-the-industry loading techniques and quality control procedures ensure the reliability of every Frontier® Cartridge round.

Rounds for All Applications

Frontier® Cartridge offers ammunition configured for a wide range of shooters and applications, everything from plinking, target shooting and hunting to law enforcement training and self-defense.

Brass Cases

In addition to Hornady® target friendly, non-steel core bullets in a variety of offerings, Frontier® Cartridge features brass cartridge cases and military-grade boxer primers and propellant.

Packaged in a Variety of Sizes

Photo of Frontier Family

Frontier is packaged in a variety of box sizes/counts. Many of the offerings come in 20ct, 150ct, 500ct and 1000ct. Ask your local sporting goods retailer to stock the ones you want! There are even barrels available in several loads.

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