Product Features

FTX® Bullet Technology

The patented FTX® bullet expands reliably and resists clogging when fired through heavy clothing.

Defense-Centered Design

Critical Defense® ammunition was developed to provide the best performance for defensive or personal protection situations and is the ultimate choice for any short barreled, concealed carry style firearm. Bright nickel-plated cartridge cases simplify chamber checks in reduced light, and low-flash propellants help preserve night vision.


Details such as nickel-plated cases that resist corrosion and optimized propellants that burn quickly to reduce recoil and limit muzzle flash, help ensure that Critical Defense® ammo is dependable in every situation.

Critical Defense vs. Critical Duty

Additional Information

Critical Defense® Lite

Critical Defense® Lite™ ammunition offers an effective, reduced recoil option for any shooter looking to minimize felt recoil of their lightweight, compact personal protection firearm.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Critical Defense® Lite™ ammunition is donated to help fund breast cancer research.

410 Triple Defense®

Delivering effective shot patterns that place all projectiles on a man-sized target at seven yards, the Critical Defense® 410 features a unique Triple Defense® projectile column consisting of two 35 caliber round balls topped with one non-jacketed FTX® slug.

Unique to the Critical Defense® 410, the 41 caliber FTX® slug actually engages the gun’s rifling, and contacts the target nose-on, enabling the patented Hornady® Flex Tip® technology to assist in expansion for greatly enhanced terminal performance. Each 35 caliber round ball is made of high antimony, cold swaged lead to resist deformation and provide excellent penetration.

Critical Defense® 410 Triple Defense® – you be the JUDGE!

Patented Flex Tip® technology assists in expanding the slug for enhanced terminal performance.

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30 Carbine test

By Jason Holloman | January 9, 2017

I've recently decided to try the Critical Defense line of 30 Carbine ammo on feral hogs. A single round from approximately 25yds was all that was needed to down a 125lb plus boar. The wound was impressive…

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