Custom International™

Hornady proudly introduces the Custom International™ line of ammunition.

Loaded with legendary Hornady® Interlock® spire point, round nose bullets or GMX®, and chambered in the most popular European calibers, Custom International™ is a tried-and-true collection of versatile, proven loads for the international hunter.

Known for their controlled expansion and hard-hitting terminal performance, Interlock® bullets feature an interlocking ring that helps hold the core and jacket material together during expansion.

Custom International features the highest quality brass. Each case is manufactured to offer reliable feeding, corrosion resistance, hardness and dimensional consistency. Quality propellants are chosen for consistency and accuracy.

All of these excellent components combine to create the Custom International™ line of ammunition from Hornady®.

Features Include:

  • InterLock® ring ensures the core and jacket stay locked together.
  • Secant ogive design delivers flat trajectories and exceptional accuracy.
  • Lead alloy core is tough enough for the largest game.
  • Hard-hitting performance puts game down with minimal tracking.
  • Powders are matched to each load for optimized pressure and velocity.
  • High quality cases and primers contribute to consistent shooting in the field.

Custom International Family Custom International


***Not for sale in the United States. Export product only***




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