Doug Koenig

The list of professional shooters who have withstood the test of time, and continue to perform at a championship level is rather short. Doug Koenig is that once in a generation talent, redefining what it takes to be a World Champion Professional Shooter, Athlete, and lifelong hunter. With nearly three decades of professional shooting experience, Doug attributes the incredible success he's experienced by incorporating a strong work ethic into his range practice sessions and always being prepared, focused and disciplined.

Koenig was born and raised in Pennsylvania, and began shooting competitively at the age of 17 winning both regional and national competitions. In 1990, Doug turned Pro as a competitive shooter and the decision paid off scoring an unprecedented 1920x at the NRA Bianchi Cup. Since that day, his list of accomplishments and championship wins continues and may never be surpassed. His potent combination of speed, accuracy and shooting skills has produced wins in various multi-disciplined competitions; with more than 70 National and 10 World titles including an unprecedented 18 times as a Bianchi Cup Champion.

"I've relied on Hornady products for over 29 years with the .338" Caliber 225 grain SP for all of my hunting. So, it just made sense to team up with Hornady because their quality and commitment in their manufacturing standards is second to none. When shooting competitively, I'm using their 22 Caliber 52 grain HP bullets for my rifle and the 9mm 115 grain XTP. I can trust the accuracy is going to be there all the time." -Doug Koenig

Doug Koenig, is a lifelong hunter and hosts his own TV Show "Doug Koenig's Championship Season." Each week, the show features Doug competing, while demonstrating the discipline, commitment and hard work it takes to become a World Champion Professional Shooter to maintain that competitive edge. Promoting an outdoor lifestyle for families and sharing his hunting and shooting tips to ensure your day in the field is memorable, are just a few of Doug's passions.


  • Winning more than 70 National Championships
  • 10-time World Champion
  • 18-time Bianchi Cup winner
  • 2016 NRA World Shooting Champion
  • 5 European Bianchi Cup wins
  • 20-time Masters International Championship winner
  • 22-time Sportsman's Team Challenge Open Champion
  • 6-time World Action Pistol Championship winner
  • Achieved more Perfect Score's (1920) than anyone in NRA Action Pistol history
  • 3-time World Speed Shooting Champion/Steel Challenge

"With Hornady, I can trust the accuracy is going to be there all the time."

- Doug Koenig

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