XTP Mag works gets it done

By Nathan Wheet

August 7, 2019

Finally checked a black bear hunt off of my bucket list this last year. Drove 23 hrs north into Quebec from TN was no small feat but myself and a couple friends got it done in just one day. I decide my rifle would be an old 44 lever action that was my dads on this hunt. I developed some handloads prior to going that grouped less than an inch at 100yds with the XTP. Some of the guys in camp kinda laughed and huffed at my caliber and choice of firearms, but I I knew my limits and confidence in my bullet selection.

Two days into the hunt I took a great black bear with one shot at 30yds. At the impact he rolled back let out a moan and that was it. Also used these in sabots last year with a muzzleloader to take a cull buck on the farm, and my daughter harvested her first buck with an XTP mag. Thanks Hornady for making dependable bullets at a great price.

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