Wing Shooting Mule Deer

By Bronson Anderson

October 18, 2017

It was opening morning of the Wyoming rifle deer hunt this year (2017). It was the first time we decided to hunt the area of the state and we didn't get the chance to scout much during the summer. I was out with my dad and we decided to go drive down and just sit in the truck and see what the other hunters would do or bust out. I was hoping to get my dad talked in to killing the first buck, but that plan sure changed quick.

It was about 15 minutes into the hunt when while we were looking at deer in the spotting scope we had two bucks come running at us. I told my dad to get his gun but some how I ended up with mine ready to shoot. The bucks would not stop and my dad was telling me to shoot the first buck. While he was on the run I pumped one of my hand loads into him out of my 6.5 Creedmoor with the 143 ELD-X. The buck sure was sick. He got over the hill so I took off after him running up the road on a full on sprint to make sure he was not going to get away.

Once I was on top I couldn't see him so I walked through the sage brush and I ended up flushing him out like a rooster. He took off. I then know I needed to put one in his neck to drop him down. He ran about 50 yards and I lead him by a foot in the front of his nose and took the shot. The recoil made it hard to see but there was no buck in sight still running. I began to walk over to where I thought he last was and sure enough there he was. He dropped dead in his tracks in the middle of the dirt road. I hit him a few inches behind his head.

It was my second buck with the new ELD-X bullets and both killed the deer quick. One was at about 150 and the other was 600. It was a great hunt and was all made possible by the great bullets Hornady continues to put out.

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