Whitetail Deer

By Shawn

December 28, 2021

It's been a few years back from today when submitting this story.

As a reloader, this hunt was using the 50 caliber 300 grain FTX, loaded up for the 50 Beowulf. Chronograph 1900 fps.

Around 10am, a friend had sent me a text message, asking if I have seen anything, he was roughly 30 miles south of me, hit send, sent my phone down and there was a buck running through the woods along with a few doe's. Never have I practiced a running shot, I landed 2 shots, the first I thought had missed, the 2nd never took another step, DRT piled up

Futher on, retrieved the deer, the first shot I missed graced the chest, flesh wound. The 2nd shot that out the deer down was a double lung shot, was not able to recover the bullet since it was a straight pass through the lungs. Not a huge deer, but one of my biggest antler size, and points. Since then been after the wall hanger/bullwinkle

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