The Big 8

By Michael Martin

October 22, 2019

After the last couple years of not having much luck, I got permission to hunt on a piece of ground we used to rent that I grew up hunting on. It’s only 40 acres, but most of it is CRP with a ditch running through a valley down the center of the property that connects to another ditch on the south edge. It’s a perfect spot to go during bad weather, especially late season when snow is on the ground.

I’ve been sitting in the same spot for most of the season. Finally after a couple days of snow on the ground, this buck came running up to an opening in the ditch that I never seen before. There was a tiny limb in front of him when I made the first shot. I completely missed, but he didn’t leave the ditch. He turned around and headed back north towards another opening when I made my second shot and dropped him. There were many deer in the ditch with him and a doe stepped out after he went down. I made another shot and filled my doe tag, tagging out for the Missouri Rifle Season.

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