the 308 Marlin Express miralce

By david stallworth

July 6, 2017

It had been 50 years since I hunted for deer. I had retired and was looking for a rifle for deer hunting. I had settled on a 308 caliber bullet since it would drop a deer immediately since I am too old to chase blood trails. Since I shoot left handed I did not want a bolt action as finding a lefty was too much to consider. So I decided to go to a lever action rifle and started looking at the major brands in 308. I fortunately found one at the time- a Marlin lever action in 308. And I saw where Hornady made a bullet for lever action rifles and i was in business.

I bought one and zeroed it in with 8 shots. On my first hunt after sitting in the stand for 3 hours, a nice 120 lb doe walked out at 110 yards. My first shot with this rifle and bullet dropped the deer in its tracks. WOW! Five minutes later another deer walks out, I shoot and it drops to the ground. My first buck- a 9 pointer also dropped straight down.That was 3 years ago and I have not had to trail a deer yet- a good thing at my age. Hornday makes a great round and so I also have started using it in my AR-15 with great results too. Thanks Hornady- you have a new fan!

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