Superformance 270 130 grain

By Clifton

December 9, 2012

I may have submitted two reviews in my life, the reason I don't is I expect things to work as advertised - if they don't I either return them or never buy them again. I purchased some Hornady Superformance this deer season, because I was looking for some longer range shots. I have used another well-known brand for 40 years and yes it worked but not with the accuracy I wanted.

I have a bolt action 270 which I can place three in a qtr at 250 meters, with a bipod and using my old loads, at about 300 the group gets to about a 1/2 dollar, I was not happy with it.

I realize shot placement is the most important factor in anything reguarding shooting, but this ammo is unbelievable. I shot a spike at the first part of the season, at 150 m and he dropped like a rock, litterly right in his tracks. I thought, "OK, good deal." Today I shot the buck I have been hunting for two years, at 335 meters, (pace count of 400) and when I hit him, he dropped and was curled. When I got to him he looked like he was sleeping. He is 11 points and field dressed 185 pounds.

This ammo is worth alot more than what you sell it for, when I can harvest cleanly at that range it is worth every penny. I just wish I would have had an expensive scope that records the shot. This stuff really kicks some serious butt. The rack is 24 inches across and 18 inches high, he will look good on my wall. Thank You

for such a quality prooduct, I will never look at any other ammo for my 270, and will be switching my other rifles as well.

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